Tip 1: Family Tip, sure to make everyone happy – children, parents, grandma and grandpa

• Breakfast together around a big table
What could be more wonderful than enjoying breakfast together. With lots to choose from, healthy and nutritious, hearty and sweet, fine and fresh. Along with fragrant teas, coffee, and delicious smooth hot chocolate. Mmmm .. what a perfect start to the day!

• Mom + day go skiing together, including lunch on the mountain
How about a little time just for the two of you? Time together on the piste. Snuggling close in the lift, racing across the slopes. At lunchtime, sharing some Kaiserschmarrn-style pancakes at a traditional, cozy hut, and laughing about the beard of powdered sugar you have around your mouth. Yes, it is possible. Even if you have a baby or youngster ages 3 and up, since we also take good care of the youngsters while you are gone.

• We provide loving care to babies ages 9 months and older: in our own MiniClub
Complete, attentive baby care. Provided in the MiniClub by experienced, loving staff. That also includes mealtimes and snacks whenever the kids get hungry. Giving their parents a chance to take a deep breath and forge a few holiday memories of their own out on the piste.

• Ski courses for the youngest skiers ages 3 and up, right outside the house
Right outside our front door, youngsters have all kinds of playful opportunities to learn how to ski. Grandma and grandpa can watch and take a few photos as they nibble on a piece of cake, proud to see how quickly their grandkids are picking up the basics. Lasting memories indeed.

• Front-row seat to watch their grandkids’ achievements
The Snack- or LoungeBar, as well as the sun-terrace provide an ideal front-row seat for the grandparents to watch the little ones tackle their first few intrepid meters on skis. Fortified by freshly baked cake, strudel, or an array of other sweet temptations.

• Facial treatment for grandma
While everyone is still up on the mountain, grandma treats herself to an extra pampering for her complexion. Her skin will be cleansed, massaged, creamed, her skin tone refined, and freshness conjured up on her face again. After all, we want grandpa to be captivated by her later, right?

• Grandpa reads a book in the library next to the lobby
While grandma takes some time for her beauty, grandpa can peacefully leaf through a few books in the library, quietly sipping on a refreshing glass of mountain spring water.

Later in the afternoon, the whole family gathers in the AlpineLoungeBar. Next to a warm fireplace, with glorious views of the surrounding alpine world, enjoying a small après-ski snack.


Tip 2: A 2-horse-power journey through our winter world, and shopping in Kaprun

• Family breakfast around a big table
Everyone begins the day together. Enjoying breakfast around a big table. With lots to choose from, healthy and nutritious, hearty and sweet, fine and fresh. Along with fragrant teas, coffee, and delicious smooth hot chocolate. Mmmm…

• Sleigh rides in the nature sanctuary around Zell am See
At 2-horse-power through the idyllic, snow-covered winter countryside. Hear the gentle clatter of hoofbeats. Watch the snow as it slowly drizzles from the pine branches. Marvel at the glistening of the snow and fine snow crystals reflecting the sun. Perhaps the carriage driver will even allow you to ride up front for a while, showing you how to steer the horses. No matter what, definitely a time to lean back, to share the peace and romance with your family, before immersing yourself in the vibrant hustle and bustle of Kaprun.

• Shopping in Kaprun
Here, everyone will find what they are looking for. There is much to discover. Local specialties. Homemade bacon and sausage waiting to be sampled. Taking a close look at this winter’s latest fashion trends, hunting for souvenirs to share with friends and family who aren’t fortunate enough to be here on holiday with you.

• Relaxed Evening
After a shopping expedition, it’s always nice to put your feet up, sit next to an open fire, and sip on a spiced wine or a glass of hot milk with honey.