Free, cool & trendy – Disc Golf: Frisbee + Golf on the Schmittenhöhe

Simply heading out on a hike is so “yesterday”. Nowadays, you can also play disc golf up there on the mountain. In our case, on the Schmittenhöhe, high above Zell am See close to the mountain station of the Sonnkogel lift. Disc golf is a mixture of frisbee and golf. Never heard of it? Neither had we, but we went ahead and checked it out. It’s really fun and easy to learn, we promise. Just as a golfer swings his club to hit the ball, you simply swing the frisbee with your arm. The goal is to tee off, like in golf, and toss your frisbee into a basket in as few shots as possible. Right up there on the mountain at 1,850 m above sea level, on an 18-hole downhill course.

In disc golf, practice makes perfect
Naturally, you are welcome to practice a bit before getting “serious”. At the Easy Line, you can work on “holing out” with the help of three easy baskets. With a little bit of concentration, repetition, staying power and patience, you are sure to have a fun day out.

Basket by basket, you will gradually work your way down the mountain, until you have successfully completed all of them. Perfect for couples and families with teenagers. Afterwards, you’ll definitely have earned a hearty bite to eat and some refreshments.

Disc golf for free with your lift ticket

With a valid lift ticket for the Sonnkogelbahn or the Schmittenhöhebahn, you can play the course for free. As for the discs themselves, you’ll simply have to pay a €10 security deposit. Where? At the mountain station of the Sonnkogelbahn or the valley station of the Schmittenhöhebahn. Easy, right?


Austria’s First “Art & Culture Mountain”

The Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See is more than a family mountain. Since summer 2015, it has also been the first “Art & Culture Mountain” in Austria. Along the hiking paths, you will discover 25 oversized sculptures by international artists. Each of them is described in detail in an art folder aptly named “Art on the Mountain”. The “4 Lakes Art Hike” can be enjoyed on your own or as part of a guided tour.