Tip 1: The Early-Bird Experience

• Early breakfast to get the most out of the day
Wholefoods, fresh fruit, sausage, cheese, rolls and sweet temptations. Everything you expect from a lavish breakfast. Can’t try it all? In that case, add a few of the things you didn’t have a chance to get to, to your pack lunch!

• By gondola up the Schmittenhöhe
Now it’s time to ride the gondola up the Schmittenhöhe. Let your car enjoy a timeout for once. The gondola leaves from right in front of the hotel, just 2 minutes away.

• Climb the Maurerkogel
A great place for a walk, with outstanding panoramic views: the Maurerkogel. From the Schmittenhöhe, it’s an easy 90-minute walk along a marked trail known as the “Pinzgauer Spaziergang”.

• By gondola back down to the resort at around noon
From the mountains to the lake. In practically no time at all. Just hop aboard the gondola and glide down to the valley.

• Quickly freshen up at the hotel
Then slip into a summer dress, shorts and a T-shirt, and off to glistening Zeller See. But before you leave, stop by the reception and grab your

• Pack lunch from the AlpineResort
It will have everything in it that you chose earlier that morning. Great, right? In other words, it’s bound to be exactly what you are in the mood for.

• Off to the lake
Your program may include: a cruise on a ship to Thumersbach. Once there, you can enjoy a picnic with your pack lunches in the park. Take your time and watch all the goings-on next to, and out on the lake.

• Now continue by ship across the lake
During this lake cruise, you have plenty of time to allow the magnificent mountains to work their magic on you. Take a few photos and breathe in the clear lake air.

• Dinner at the resort with panoramic views of the Alps
The day is gradually drawing to a close. Time to wind things down a bit. You can just imagine the delicacies our kitchen team has cooked and baked just for you! You will definitely be in for a pleasant surprise.

• Chill out in the bar of the AlpineLounge or the library
A good glass of wine. By the fireplace, or leafing through a book in the library, or in your own favorite spot. Chilling out at the AlpineResort is so easy.


Tip 2: For Outdoor Sports Fans

• Running next to the lake – fantastically refreshing
Early-risers love nothing better than jogging towards the sunrise next to the Zeller See. Along the shoreline. And easy to reach from the resort.

• Breakfast
Breakfast greets you with the fragrance of fresh coffee. Recharge your batteries for the active day ahead.

• Vorderkaser Gorge St. Martin
Inside Vorderkaser Nature Sanctuary, you will make your way up walkways that were built by intrepid craftsmen. Marvel at the thunderous masses of water pouring through Vorderkaser Gorge. A spectacular natural wonder.

• Now continue to: Lofer – magnificent mountain world
Afterwards, you will continue by car to Lofer. The Loferer Steinberge range, known by the locals as the ‘Stoaberg’, is an absolute magnet for mountain fans.

• Confiserie Berger in Saalfelden – worth a visit
At some point, you will definitely need to take a break and succumb to the chocolatey temptations of Confiserie Berger in Saalfelden. The pralines and chocolate creations there are also a great souvenir.

• On shaded pathways through Strohwollner Canyon
Finally, experience pure nature on a short walk through Strohwollner Canyon. In the process, enjoy the countless gushing waterfalls and the views of St. Martin.


Tip 3: For Fans of Activity & Relaxation

• Kaprun High-Mountain Reservoirs
Discover a breathtaking world: the high-mountain reservoirs above Kaprun. Mountaineers will find a wide range of hikes and high-alpine adventures.

• Relaxation as well
Returning to the AlpineResort, your program also includes a spot of relaxation. Beauty treatments for her. A massage for him.

• Wednesday Fest in Zell am See
In a party mood? At the Wednesday Fest in downtown Zell am See, you will also have ample opportunities to get out on the dance floor. In the middle of the pedestrian zone. Time for some fun. Time for the two of you.

• Afterwards: Sauna
Together, sweating in the sauna and relaxing. Maybe including a short sit in the Jacuzzi as well.

• Leisurely dinner in the restaurant
Who knows what delectable surprises the buffet will bring today? Whatever they might be, they can always be counted on to be freshly cooked and baked. Delicious.