When the kids are having fun, parents truly get to enjoy their own vacation

Probably nowhere else boasts as many kid-friendly attractions as Zell am See. That’s certainly what many parents say. And in the KinderClub here at the AlpineResort, we also come up with something new to do practically every day. The kids will get to storm the hotel kitchens and show off their baking skills in the patisserie. They’ll get to hunt for secret treasures in the forest – with the help of handcarts, buckets and shovels. Then they will be able to grill sausages, vegetables or marshmallows, and enjoy a truly grand adventure. In winter, we will make honey tea for a healthy energy boost. Then we will paint and craft for our own exhibition. An exhibition that parents and all guests of the hotel will be able to marvel at. From Saturday through Thursday, there’s even a separate kids’ table in the restaurant from 6 o’clock on.