Fresh, pure, sustainable – our own spring water from the Hohe Tauern mountains

All of our guests and employees get to enjoy clear, fresh mountain spring water from our own Johann Quelle. Pure water throughout the house. And of course, absolute best drinking quality. Named after your host, Johann Daxer. Simply delicious – try it for yourself: At the drinking fountain in the library, as you leaf through a book or surf the Zell am See Summer App. In the carafes at the breakfast buffet and with dinner.

Water from our own spring comes out of every drinking fountain and every tap in the house. In the pool, you will even be swimming in it! Being able to cook with mountain spring water is something special to us. We drink it ourselves by the liter, our regular guests love it as well, and it’s something we just can’t imagine ever being without. And that’s why we look after our spring with such absolute dedication, as if it were a treasure, both for you and us.