Get together – chat and kick back in the LoungeBar

Cocktails, long drinks, Aperol spritzers, gin & tonic. Fine drinks, exciting flavors, tongue-tinglers. A unique lifestyle sensation. Inspiring and exciting. Experience how wine develops its round body and the whiskey in your glass its full character. In a lounge where people love to gather. To arrive. To relax. Or to wind down the day, just like back home. In winter, house guests reenergize with the help of Alpine snacks from the afternoon buffet. Some hearty and savory, others temptingly sweet.

Top views, top location, top service

There are a few things all of the guests in the AlpineLounge have in common: They are fascinated by the great views through the gigantic picture-windows, and they are definitely in the mood to enjoy. In front of the crackling fire. In cozy lounge chairs, on comfy bar stools. Looking over the barkeeper’s shoulder, caught up in a good conversation, accompanied by chillin’ music and hip design. The many loving accents, the soothing warmth and family atmosphere, but also the wide selection of drinks: all balsam for the soul.

Come check us out – in person, or right now in our photo gallery.