Snacking in a stylish lounge at a fair price

Food examples

Our snack lounge, sporting its brand-new design, has become a real attraction in its own right – appropriately named AlpineSnack. Right next to the KinderClub, ski rentals and ski school, at lunchtime our hotel guests can treat themselves to typical “hut dishes”. AlpineSnack is a hub for everyone who’s been slicing down our local mountain. For ski instructors and their students, who have earned a break in a stylish lounge setting. And for winter sports fans, tourists, hikers and sun worshippers, who value a good lunch at a fair price.

Homemade? Of course! Mmmm… delicious

From eight in the morning until five in the afternoon, you can sample your way through the diverse creations of our chef. Always enjoyable, always fresh. Traditional and completely homemade: apple strudel, cheese strudel and chocolate cookies, ham and eggs, tasty burgers… – and whatever else our kitchen team is in the mood for that day.

And oh yes: Coffee lovers, who like to drink good coffee or espresso, stop by here too. We always grind our coffee fresh, in the knowledge that the coffee is always full-flavored and tastes simply delicious. So, how about a piece of fresh cake or strudel or a tart from our own patisserie?