Sunshine meets Enjoyment

Lounge terrace with panoramic views

Our sun-terrace is a gathering spot for everyone who enjoys the finer things. Who appreciates an excellent, freshly brewed coffee. Who loves to succumb to the sweet temptations of our famous patisserie. Skillfully stirred, rolled out, baked and decorated. The most important ingredient of all, the love we put into everything we create. Try some, it’s worth it. And if you ever discover a favorite corner to lounge, you will quickly turn into a daydreamer. As if time has stood still.


Summer drinks under an open sky

At our open-air bar, time is a relative thing. Sipping on trendy summer drinks, making new friends. Sharing exciting holiday experiences and insider tips nearby. On balmy summer nights, under the open sky, getting to know the flavor of new drinks. All the while looking up at the sparkling stars and relishing every single moment. As a couple, with friends, family, and with our barkeeper.