Front-Row Seats in the Open Air

Practically anywhere you feel completely at ease counts as a “relaxation zone”. Inside. But also outside under the open skies, of course. Simply chilling. Perhaps on a comfy lounge chair in the garden, or on the sun-terrace with outdoor bar. Front-row seats, for you alone: smelling the fresh grass, clear mountain air tickling your nose, taking a deep cleansing breath and listening to the sounds of nature. The screech of an eagle, the twitter of birds, the chirruping of grasshoppers.

Winter outdoors has its own special appeal. After the sauna, too. Admiring in detail the transcendent beauty of snow crystals. Give free rein to your imagination, as you watch your breath ascend in the cold winter air. Recharging your batteries before the next soothing affusion in the sauna. Or already looking forward to the fun times of après-ski in our own umbrella bar, out on the sunny terrace.